RM2PT is a CASE tool for automatically prototype generation from a requirements model in UML diagrams complemented by formal contracts of system operations. Compared with other tools, our approach does not require design models but rely on a requirements model, which contains:

The evaluation result from four case studies shows that our approach can correctly generate 93.65% code from requirements models, the remaining non-executable 6.35% requirements can be recognized and wrapped as an interface, which can be manually implemented or matched with third-party APIs libraries.


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(YouTube) RM2PT - Automated prototype generation from requirements model

(YouTube) RM2PT - Requirements Validation through Automatic Prototyping



New features (v1.1.5):


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Case Studies (Update to v1.1.5)

Four case studies are used to demonstrate the validity and capacity of the proposed approach for requirements validation. Those case studies are widely used systems in our daily life:

CoCoME mainly contains the scenarios of the cashier to process sales in supermarkets, and supermarket managers to manage the storage of products. LibMS primarily involves the student to borrow and return books. ATM concerns the customer to withdraw and credit money. LoanPS touches the use cases of submitting and evaluating loan requests, booking a new loan and making the payment.




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