Download and install RM2PT v1.0.5

Download and extract it into any directory

Note that macOS Sierra only allow run application downloaded from AppStore, you have two options to fix this:

  1. Disable Gatekeeper for RM2PT
    sudo xattr -rd
  2. Disable Gatekeeper in Goble
    sudo spctl --master-disable

Import Case Studies

Right click of Project Explorer, choose Project from Git, then import four case studies of Github Repo, that includes

Requirements Modeling

Open to project net.mydreamy.casestudies.atm.autogui, Requirement model is under in directory requirementmodel:

Double click atm.arid to open use case diagram by default, other diagram in atm.arid / Represteantions per category / RequriementModel

Prototype Generation

Right click on atm.remodel, use RMCode -> Generate Object-oriend Prototype, the code of prototpye will generated under the folder of src-gen.

Requirements Validation