RM2PT Tutorial

Create a RM2PT Project from sketch

RM2PT can be integreated into any eclipse project. This turorial shows how to create a requirements model and generate prototype in JavaFx project.

  1. Open RM2PT, and create a JavaFX project through the wizard. (Do not open JavaFX persepcitve)

  2. Under the project, create a folder requirementsmodel and a new file modelname.remodel as textual requirements model, fill the following skeleton in modelname.remodel

UseCaseModel helloworld {


and then save it.

  1. Right click the textual model modelname.remodel to create a graphic model modelname.arid through the wizard (New->Other->Sirius->Represteantions File. Note that selection RequirementModel is chosen on last step of Viewpoints Selection).

  2. Add the required library (e.g commons-lang) to your project.

  3. Modify the requirements model as your desired (at least a use case diagram, system sequence diagram, and contracts of system operations, and a conceptual class diagram) through modelname-arid or modelname.remodel.

  4. Generate protoypes from modelname.remodel, all the code will be in folder src-gen.

  5. Set genereate folder src-gen as source folder. Open Prototype.fxgraph to generate Prototype.xml if it is not exist.

  6. Run the prototype and enjoy through Main.java under gui package,