Download and use of RM2Doc can be found here.


RM2Doc is a tool for automatic generation of a requirements document from a requirements model. The benefits of RM2Doc are as follows:

  1. Automatic generation of ISO/IEC/IEEE 29148-2018 conformed requirements documents from UML models without any templates.
  2. Automatic generation of the flow description from a use case without additional information.
  3. Automatic generation the semantic description of system operations only based on the formal expression of OCL.


Input of RM2Doc — Requirements Model


The input to RM2Doc is a UML requirements model with OCL constraints. The model includes: , a use case diagram, system sequence diagrams, contracts of and system operations.

Two main features

Generate operations description


RM2Doc can generate natural language operations description based on the contracts of system operation in the requirements model.

For the different operations, we defined a total of 25 transformation rules for the three sections. Transformation rules are presented in this form:


The transformation rule contains two parts: the above section is an OCL expression in the contracts, and the bottom part is the corresponding natural language. By algorithmically matching the OCL expressions to the conversion rules, an operation description can be generated as shown below.


Generate requirements document


RM2Doc can generate five parts of a document:

In the rest of the requirements document, we have predefined guidelines for writing in accordance with the ISO/IEC/IEEE 29148-2018.

The image below shows a part of CoCoME’s requirements document. For more details, please see https://github.com/RM2PT/CaseStudies. doc